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by Paraffin Section

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released August 23, 2002

Paraffin Section is: Ethan, Abe, Jon

Tracks 1-4 recorded by Rick and Jon at Bad Orange Recordings in Georgetown, MA between 7/15/02 and 8/15/02. Mixed by Jon at Bad Orange Recordings.

Track 5 recorded by Jon live at U-Mass Lowell on 4/30/02.

All sounds made by Paraffin Section.
All songs by Paraffin Section.
All album art by Paraffin section.
All rights reversed.

Thanks to: Rick, the Glancys, the Tabers, the WIlliams, the Costellos, Right on Red,, Ollie Murray, Richard Murray, Chris Brown, Steph #'s 1-3, Tracy, Tony, Rachel, Hunter, Amy, Bryan, UzBecca Ceballos, Matt Auge, Brian Harrington, the Orgs, the Slurred Murrays, Josh Dennull, Fairhavenites, college pals, Kevin Lang, Steve the mailman, Joe MacSweeney and Eames Drums, the Gregoires, the O'Brien's, the Randalls, the Gaudreaus, the Adamos, good headphones, the Center for Addicitive Behaviors, WJUL Lowell, Philip Toshio Sudo for his book Zen Guitar, Pro Co's shoddy workmanship, all who make a sound, those whose income did not exceed eight-thousand dollars in the past fiscal year, and Joy WIlliams for her essay "The Case Against Babies."




Paraffin Section Boston, Massachusetts

Ethan, Abe and Jon enjoyed making these sounds. We existed as a unit from 2001-2005 and again from 2007-2009. We performed in MA and NH.

Some kinds words:

"Strident noise with stop and go melodies." - Punk Planet

"The use of jarring dynamic changes is an age-old trick of the avant-garde; the challenge is to make it new, and Paraffin Section succeeds in doing that." - Jim Connolly, Live Review
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Track Name: The Forward Hour
You are not entitled to your past (it's that you).
Parallax view, you cast your shadow all around (can’t come true).
Save them all in your velvet record bag (fearsome too).
Can’t feel the inside, unfettered by the bond (white bomb blue).

All is well, no complaints.
You call this living, where do you live?
Curl up beside the fire…
Close the book and go home.

You see things one way, I see another–
No one loses in your game.
Feel the cold side of the pillow…
Wake up and enter the world.
Final destination: unknown.
Track Name: Mountains and Beaches
Locked away from the world
Everyone is a number.
Changing two’s everyday–
the electrician and the gardener.

Deceit lies behind treachery,
old friends turn their backs.
A watch given for escape:
only a reminder.

I have resigned.
I am not a number.

Clouds of smoke obscure all,
Clear the air with your actions.
Sharp as a knife
Cut through the hearsay.

Seashore at noon
Waiting for the good news.
A response to your words:
“Everyone is a pawn.”
I have resigned.
I am not a number.
Track Name: Still Life
Try this shit on for size:
Legitimate lies...timid eyes.

Anne Gedes, "Down in the Garden" so while you wait.
Achient-pait (Patient).

You will be seen at a time convien–interesting bed.

On, still, life wears a hole.
Inside, life wears a tie.

Creating Infant-Infantry, for your life.

In and out of the mission,
Fail the test miserably.
Clever, clever doctors
Give you one to nine.

A race to out-fuck death…
Live long and consume.
Heirs, those hopes…
For your needs
When you’re gone.
Track Name: Into the Sun
The ships left shore at dawn,
the sun was rising over the hills.
Into the sun, they went
to discover a new world.

Into the sun,
into the sun.

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